Carbon Reduction Statement

Energy & Carbon Reduction Statement – September 2022

Recognising that we have our part to play in tackling climate change, O’Shea’s is committing to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2040.

With an Environmental Management System in place, holding certification to ISO EN BS 14001:2015, we shall scrutinise those areas of
the business which can significantly impact our carbon footprint. Identifying where reductions can be made and with the introduction of
renewable energy sources, our intention is to achieve carbon neutrality, with carbon offsetting being a secondary consideration.

To date, we have taken measures to reduce energy usage and its associated emissions across our offices and sites. Measures include the
 introduction of energy efficient hardware, the installation of renewable energy sources and the switching of diesel and petrol company cars
 over to hybrid and full electric vehicles. From these measures we are pleased to be able to demonstrate that our efforts are reflected in
 the reduction of emissions attributable to our energy usage:

Tonnes CO2e / £m turnover from Scope 1 & 2 energy usage across O’Shea Group

From FY23 we are looking to expand our reporting and focus, to also cover the key Scope 3 emissions. This full measurement of
our footprint shall allow us to, further plan and engage with our supply chain and interested parties, to achieve the required
 reductions in our total carbon emissions. We will be sharing further updates shortly.

The senior management of the company are committed to achieving this goal and shall encourage all employees and other
interested parties, to join us in playing their part too in addressing this global challenge

R O’Connor, Managing Director
C J O’Shea and Company Limited
September 2022