Training & Development Policy

C J O’Shea Group Limited are responsible for ensuring that all staff and operatives employed by them are suitably qualified and/or experienced to discharge their responsibilities.


All staff are employed or retained on the basis of their previous experience and qualifications including in-house trained staff.

The Company ensures that staff assigned to specific projects are properly trained and experienced.

The Company annually carries out a review of staff training needs by an individual review.


Operatives are trained in-house and/or are recruited on the basis of their previous experience and qualifications.

Operatives who are new to the Company are subject to intensive scrutiny during their first week of employment to establish if they are competent to carry out the task for which they have been recruited.

Employment records of all operatives are maintained.


The Directors of C J O’Shea Group Limited fully recognise that the future of the Group is reliant upon the attainment of and the blending of practical trade professional and management skills at the highest levels of performance.

Continuing substantial yearly investments in training at operative, craft, supervisory and management levels reflects this commitment.